Career Associations take on a life and history of their own. At the end of each season, players are subject to the effects of aging, with some players electing retirement. Fictional high school and college are generated for the amateur draft, each with abilities ranging from one-dimensional players who may never play in games, through the players of average skill, to the star players who may eventually be elected to the Hall of Fame. As players age, the younger ones see improvements in their skills while the skills of older players decline. Spring training is not only used to maintain and sharpen skills for the coming season, it can be an opportunity to accelerate a player's growth or to slow the decline of an older player.

Although the winning and losing happens on the field, it is guided and planned in the front office. As Owner and General Manager of a team in a career association, you will be faced with the challenge of building and maintaining an organization that will be competitive for more than just the current season. You will be faced with the loss of players due to injuries, retirement, or simply the effects of age. You will need to field a competitive team with the depth to endure injuries to key players, yet you must keep an eye on the future, growing the kind of players that can be the cornerstone of your organization for the next 20 years.