Spring Training Instructions

If you're a new owner and this is your first spring training please refer to the Spring Training section of the Online Manual just to get an idea of the general concepts.

You have 100 training points (to be used in multiples of 5) to allocate to each player on your team. You can use these points any way you want, but if you want your players to at least maintain their current ratings levels you have to give your players a minimum assignment for each rating. Here are the minimums...

Position Players
CH - 20, PH - 20, SP - 20, AS - 10, FA - 5

Pitchers -
AS - 10, HR - 10, CO - 15, EN - 10, FA - 10, Pitches - 10 Each

If you decide to assign at least the minimum points to a position player, you have 25 points left over to assign to whatever ratings you want. Pitchers are different because some pitchers have more pitches than others. Pitchers with two pitches have 25 points to play with, and for every pitch above that you have 10 less leftover points per pitch.

To make things easy on me, PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING FORMAT when sending in your allocations. Only enter the ratings that you want different from the minimums I listed above, here's some examples for position players...

Position Players -
Example 1 - Emphasis on contact: 20 CH, 5 PH
Example 2 - Spreading out points: 5 CH, 5 PH, 10 FA, 5 SP
Example 3 - Career DH: You know he's going to DH: 30 PH, -5 FA

In the first two examples above you are only listing the 25 extra points that each hitter gets. In Example 1 the player is actually getting 40 points assigned to CH and 25 points assigned to PH, but you only need to list the extra points on top of the minimums.

Example 3 above has the 25 extra points go towards PH, but it also takes away 5 points from FA and allocates them to DH. This player will almost certainly see a decrease in his FA rating.

Now here's some examples for pitchers...

Pitchers -
Example 1 - Three Pitch Pitcher: 10 FB, 5 CO
Example 2 - Four Pitch PItcher: 5 CO
Example 3 - 3 Pitches, but neglecting CB to increase other ratings: 10 AS, 15 CO, -10 CB

You'll notice that the difference between Examples 1 and 2 is that #2 has 10 less points to play with. The reason is that #2 has 4 pitches while #1 only has 3. Because each pitch needs 10 allocation points to maintain it's current level #2 only has 5 extra points to play with, while #1 has 15.

In Example 3 the pitcher has 3 pitches and 15 extra points, but for whatever reason the person assigning the training allocations decided that his CB wasn't an important pitch, and decided to use his CB points elsewhere. His CB rating will almost definitely drop because of this.

You don't have to assign allocations to every player. If there are players you don't feel like assigning allocations to you can just list the ones that you do and tell me to have the computer assign allocations to the rest. The computer does a halfway decent job on younger players, although it's been my experience that if you let the computer train your veterans you will see them decline faster as they get older than if you do their allocations.

If you require any clarification on what is listed above, please
let me know.