Weaver League Constitution

The goal of the Weaver League is simple, to have a first class baseball sim league, to have fun, and to not take ourselves too seriously in the process. We don't expect our owners to turn their lives upside-down to participate in the league, however we do expect everyone to meet the minimum expectations of ownership.

The following is our league constitution, it outlines the basic expectations of ownership as well as some of the rules that are unique to our league...


Minimum Expectations of Ownership
The following are the minimum expectations of ownership. These are not unreasonable expectations and adhering to them should not take an excessive amount of your time. Failure to comply with any of these most basic of expectations can result in forfeiture of control of your team.

1. Read and Understand the Online Manual for the Sierra Sports BBPro game
2. Adjust lineups when necessary
Beginning of the season
When player is injured
When player is healed and eligible to come off of DL
3. Respond to other owners inquiries
Simple "no thanks" is fine
If an owner is unresponsive or won't take no for an answer, contact commish
4. Participate in amateur draft (live or through preferences)
Because our league allows the trading of draft picks you cannot choose to have the computer draft for you
5. The no-tanking rule: Don't sit star players for significant periods (more than a sim) unless they are injured
6. Contact commish if you will be unavailable for a significant amount of time
7. Most importantly... Have fun and - don't - take - things - too - seriously!

Optional But Encouraged
Check in on the Weaver Forum somewhat reguarly and Download Trillian... HIGHLY ENCOURAGED! Both of these are important channels for cultivating a healthy league community, and from an individual ownership standpoint both are important for trade talk and keeping up to date on league issues. Both will lead ot your league experience being much more enjoyable.
Submit Spring Training allocations.
Submit Articles to The Weaver Times
Purchase Sierra Sports Baseball Pro 98. The best place to find the game nowadays is on eBay, and you can get it pretty cheap. Having a copy of the game is not required but can make it easier for you to learn how things work in BBPro leagues.

Sims are run twice per week, on Wednesday and Saturday evenings (Pacific Time)
Commissioner reserves the right to alter the sim schedule when necessary


All-Timers: Each team has rights to an All-Time player. All-Timers are players whose initial ratings and age are based on a single season of any MLB player (AL or NL, 1901 and beyond) who has not yet played in the Weaver League.

When an All-Timer retires his original team gets to pick a replacement. All-Timers can be traded, but the player's original team retains rights to a replacement All-Timer regardless of what team that player is on at the time he retires

Argentina Archers owner Rob Wyatt keeps a record of all of the All-Timers that have seen action in the league, you can check it out here. You can also double check eligibility of players in the Stats Register. It's simple, if a player is in the register they're not eligible to be taken as an All-Timer.

Archive: Potential ratings are for suckers! The Weaver League is just like real life, there are no "can't miss" prospects. You will not know how the player develops until he does. To that end the League Archive file is not made available to anyone, no one can use the BBEdit utility to unmask potential ratings and gain an unfair advantage.

Amateur Draft prospects
Because of the incredibly weak ammy draft prospects that the Dreaded Computer has generated for this league in the past, and because our league keeps players potential ratings hidden, the following steps are taken to improve the draft pool...
BBEdit utility is used by the commissioner to increase the potential ratings of all prospects by a certain percentage.
Percentage is based on the amount it takes to get one player to have at least a 90 potential rating in a given category. Results are previewed by commissioner and percentages are raised in increments of 5% until the desired results are achieved.
To keep from knowing the potential ratings for any player, the commissioner uses good old fashioned paper and tape to block the portion of his monitor where the player's names are displayed on the preview reports. In the end we are assured that the talent level of players in the draft pool are at an acceptable level without anyone in the league knowing which players have what potential ratings.

Amateur Draft picks
Amateur Draft picks cannot be traded beyond the next upcoming draft. For example, if the Amateur Draft were scheduled tomorrow teams could only trade their picks for that draft. As soon as that draft is over teams can then begin trading their draft picks for the next season.

Free Agency
The Weaver League employs a basic free agency system. The free agent draft is the first event of the offseason. The parameters of the free agent system are as follows...
All players with six or more years experience are eligible for free agency.
All players with less than six years experience are automatically exempt from the free agent draft.
Teams have 6 exemptions to protect players who otherwise would be eligible for the draft. All remaining unprotected players are exposed to the free agent draft.
Teams can not lose more than one player from their roster.
Draft is one round.
Pick for FA Draft are NOT tradable.

Rookie Status
In the offseason, owners have the option of having a young player's experience reset to zero if they meet certain conditions...
The player made his first appearance in the league the previous season.
Position players must have accumulated less than 130 at bats, pitchers less than 50 innings pitched.

Resetting experience gives a player who may have been a late season callup or injury replacement an extra season or exemption from the free agent draft. It also lets them retain their eligibility for the Rookie of the Year award.

Keep in mind that once a player has his experience reset it cannot be reset again, even if they have less than 130 ABs or 50 IP again the following season.

Trade Committee
Trade Committee exists to review all trades
Trade Committee consists of four permanent members, one from each division. The committee membership currently consists of Doug Schmaltz (Polanski), Jim Lockwood (Lockwood), Eric Radcliffe (Barnes) and Edwin Mercado (Roehm).
A trade can be blocked if three of the four committee members vote against it. In deals where one committee member is involved it is two of three remaining members, if two committee members are involved it is two of two remaining members.
The results of committee trade reviews are binding only when an owner in his first three seasons in the league. Veteran owners can choose to bypass the committee's decision if a deal has been blocked after they have received feedback from the committee on why they feel that the trade should not go forward.

Franchise Relocation
The Weaver League has Interntional in it's name for a reason. In order to ensure that we don't have a glut of US teams (or a glut of teams in any other region) we have instituted these guidelines for franchise relocation...
At any given time the Weaver League should not have more than six teams in any geographic region
The loose definition of these regions are basically the following: Continental US and Canada, Latin/South America, Europe, and Asia/Oceana/Africa (basically everywhere else).
The division that a team is in does not limit it's mobility (i.e. we don't have a USA division, Euro division, etc.)
Franchise renaming/relocation is limited to the offseason.