Timeline of Significant Dates in Weaver League History

15,000,000,000 B.C. - Big Bang occurs, everything starts here.

5,000 B.C. - Dawn of civilization.

Circa 1839 A.D. - Abner Doubleday single-handedly invents the great game of baseball (supposively). Little did he know that over the next 150 years his quaint little game would slowly evolve into the fantastic spectacle it has become today, captivating the imagination of the sporting world season after season... in the WEAVER LEAGUE of course!

August 14, 1930 A.D. - Earl Weaver is born, the legend begins!

Early 1987 A.D. - Charles (aka Marty) Polanski buys his copy of Earl Weaver Baseball, a profound day in the history of what will become the Weaver League! He creates a league that he runs by himself at his mom's workplace in San Jose, California. A lightbulb goes off in his head and he decides to organize a multi-owner league.

Late 1987 A.D. - The first season of Weaver League baseball begins! The original four owners, Marty Polanski, Jim Lockwood, Steve Roehm, and Craig Barnes take two teams each (one in a DH league, one in a non-DH league) to establish a modest eight team league. The games are played at Craig's house in beautiful Milpitas, California!

1987 to 1991 A.D. - The heyday of the early Weaver League! Rob Wyatt joins for the league's second season! The venue for the games changes from Craig's house to Marty's house! The first Weaver Times is published, five copies are sold (actually they were free, we just printed them off of Marty's computer and gave a copy to each of the five owners). Marty upgrades to Earl Weaver Baseball 2.0! In 1990 the league merges with David Henderson's rival league from across town and the the early Weaver League reaches it's peak, a 24 team league with 12 owners! Edwin Mercado joins the league as part of the merger!

1991 to 1996 A.D. - The owners go off to college and the Weaver League goes on hiatus.

1996 A.D. - After years of dormancy, Marty reawakens the Weaver League! The internet makes it practical to run a new version of the Weaver League with owners living anywhere in the world. Marty buys a copy of Front Page Sports Baseball Pro 96, the initial draft of what will become the modern Weaver League is conducted that summer, and the league is set to begin once again.

1997 A.D. - The 1997 season of the Weaver League begins approporiately in the spring! Many of the teams start off with computer managers, but within a few months of recruiting every team has a human owner. The Weaver League is truly international, with teams all over the world, and owners from cities across the globe! At one point four continents and are represented by owners in the league!

1998 A.D. - After a decade of service, Marty steps down as Commissioner of the Weaver League. Jim Lockwood takes on the operations of the league. The Weaver Times returns, this time instead of having only a circulation of five it is viewed by billions of people online! Well, at least it could potentially be viewed by billions.

1999 A.D. - The Weaver League is at it's all-time peak! By the end of the year the league will have begun it's ninth season online and is one of the most successful leagues in the history of sport!

2007 A.D. - Jim Lockwood steps down as Commissioner of the Weaver League, and Edwin Mercado takes over the reins as Weaver's 3rd Commish. Rumors being circulating that Edwin is really a simbot.

2015 A.D. - The Weaver League celebrates its 50th season of play!

2000 to 3000 A.D. - This thousand year period is known by all as the Weaver Millennium!