"We're Smokin'!"
Established 1997

Stadium: Castro Field
Model: Kauffman Stadium
Climate: Miami, FL
Colors: Red, White

- Home
- Road
- Special

Owner: Edwin Mercado
Manager: Fidel Castro

Minor League Affiliates:
- Miami Mambo Kings (AAA)
- Puerto Rico Plantains (LOW)

Havana Cigars Franchise Timeline

April 7, 1997: First game in franchise history.

1998 Playoffs: The Cigars make it to their first Weaver Series, but they are defeated by the New York Nukes in seven games.

1999 Playoffs: Havana wins their second straight Roehm Division title, but they are defeated in the BLCS by the Belfast Bombers in seven games.

2000 Playoffs: The Cigars make their third straight postseason appearance, but they are swept by the Honolulu Volcanos in the Weaver Series.

November 3 , 2000: Russ Johnson is named the MVP of the Blizzard League.

2002 Playoffs: Havana returns to the postseason after a one year absence, but they are defeated by the Belfast in the BLCS 4 games to 3.

November 6, 2002: Ben Kell wins the Blizzard League Rookie of the Year award.

July 10, 2003: Mariano Fitzmaurice throws a perfect game against Belfast.

November 4, 2009: Kelvin Thomas is named Rookie of the Year in the Blizzard League.

July 22, 2012: Ted Early no-hits the Bora Bora Surfriders.

August 10, 2012: Less than a month after Ted Early's no hitter, Vida Blue throws a perfect game against the Long Beach Lobsters.

2012 Playoffs: Havana wins it's first Weaver Series! After playing second fiddle to the Rio de Janerio Capybaras in the Roehm Division for much of the last decade, the Cigars return to the playoffs and defeat the Cozumel Mayans in the Weaver Series 4 games to 1.

November 8, 2012: Vida Blue wins the Blizzard League Cy Young Award in his first year in the league.

November 5, 2014: Bill Luebber wins the Blizzard League Rookie of the Year award.

September 30, 2017: Ben Kell pitches a perfect game, defeating the Rio de Janerio Capybaras 8-0.

September 27, 2019: Vida Blue pitches a perfect game against the Rio de Janerio Capybaras.

May 23, 2021: At home against the Hong Kong Dragons, Cigars starter Willis Teufel retires the first batter of the game before having to leave because of injury. Mike Tipton comes out of the bullpen and retires the next 26 batters as the duo record the first combined perfect game in league history (it is also the first combined no-hitter).