"Just When You Thought It Was Safe"
Established 1998

Stadium: The Shark Tank
Model: Pro Player Stadium
Climate: Providence, RI
Colors: White, Gray, Teal

- Home
- Road
- Special

Owner: Max R
Manager: Roberto Alomar

Minor League Affiliates:
- New Jersey Carjackers (AAA)
- Springfield Isotopes (LOW)

Amity White Sharks Franchise Timeline

April 7, 1997: First game in franchise history.

January 1, 1998: After just one season the Hong Kong Dragons move to Long Island and are renamed the Amity White Sharks.

1998 Playoffs: Amity wins it's first Polanski Division title, but they are defeated by the New York Nukes in the ILCS in five games.

Sometime in 1998 or 1999: Pat Hentgen throws the first no-hit game in modern Weaver League history. The date and opponent have been lost from the Weaver archives.

November 5, 1999: Roberto Alomar is named the MVP of the Inferno League.

2001 Playoffs: The White Sharks win their first Weaver Series! They sweep the Rio de Janerio Capybaras.

November 8, 2001: Andy Pettitte wins the Inferno League Cy Young Award.

November 9, 2001: Hank Aaron wins the Inferno League MVP award.

2002 Playoffs: Amity is denied in their quest for back-to-back Weaver Series titles. They are defeated in the ILCS by the Los Angeles Riots 4 games to 1.

2004 Playoffs: The White Sharks win the Polanski Division, starting an impressive streak of nine division titles in a row, but in the ILCS they are defeated by L.A. in five games.

2005 Playoffs: Amity makes it all the way to the Weaver Series, but they are defeated by Rio 4 games to 1.

2006 Playoffs: Another playoff appearance for the White Sharks, but they are eliminated by the Riots in the ILCS 4 games to 2.

June 16, 2007: Clarence Conway throws a no-hitter against the Bombay Elephants.

2007 Playoffs: The White Sharks are one win away from the Weaver Series, leading the Nukes 3 games to 1 in the ILCS, but New York rallies to defeat Amity in seven games.

November 8, 2007: George Canate wins the Inferno League Cy Young Award.

2008 Playoffs: Amity is once again defeated in the ILCS, this time the Cozumel Mayans defeat the White Sharks in five games.

2009 Playoffs: The White Sharks make it back to the Weaver Series, but the Belfast Bombers defeat Amity 4 games to 1.

2010 Playoffs: The White Sharks are swept by the Mayans in the ILCS.

2011 Playoffs: Amity is again defeated by Cozumel in the ILCS. The Mayans win in six games.

August 21, 2012: Clarence Conway throws a perfect game against the Johannesburg Steelmen. It is the second no-hit game of Conway's career.

2012 Playoffs: For the third straight season, Cozumel ends the White Sharks season. The Mayans sweep Amity in the ILCS.

November 7, 2018: Ben Stuffel is named Rookie of the Year in the Inferno League.

November 6, 2019: Mike Renteria wins the Inferno League Rookie of the Year award, making it back-to-back Rookies of the Year for Amity.

2021 Playoffs: Amity returns to the postseason for the first time in a decade. They beat the New York Nukes in the ILCS four games to two to reach the Weaver Series, but the Cairo Scorpions sweep them on their way to the title.

2022 Playoffs: Amity wins it's second Weaver Series title! In the seventh game of the ILCS they come back from two runs down in the bottom of the ninth and beat the New York Nukes in the bottom of the 12th inning. They face the Long Beach Lobsters in the Weaver Series and triumph in six games.